queue-repair Documentation

Installing queue-repair

  1. Download the latest version of queue-repair.
  2. Unpack the tarball:
        				tar xzf queue-repair-version.tar.gz
  3. Copy the contents to a suitable location:
        				mkdir /usr/local/lib/queue-repair
        				cp -a queue-repair-version/* /usr/local/lib/queue-repair/
    You can install getmail in your home directory or elsewhere if you prefer.

Running queue-repair

  1. Change into the directory you installed queue-repair in, or ensure that directory is in your path.
  2. Stop qmail-send. Running queue-repair on a live queue could give erroneous information in test-only mode, and will seriously confuse qmail in repair mode.
  3. Run queue_repair.py with the options you choose, documented below.

    Basic usage information:

        				queue_repair.py [options] [conf-qmail]

    conf-qmail defaults to /var/qmail/.

  4. Restart qmail.

queue-repair Options

queue-repair understands the following commandline options: