Preview of Zena Wallenda

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Zena arising after a nap. Zena peeking out of her excercise ball. Zena loves her excercise ball. Zena out for a little stroll. Zena, being nosey. Zena looking around. Zena, sitting in her Spin-Around. Zena in her snack bar. Zena in her wheel. Zena, eating applesauce from Shannon's finger. Zena, exploring on the couch. Zena, perched in my hands. Zena, in Shannon's hands. Zena escapes! Zena mugs for the camera. Zena explores new tubes. Zena likes her new tubes. Zena gets a new wing added to her house. Caught! Zena explores the futon. Flying Zena. Zena, as a gopher. Zena behind crispbread.

Last updated February 17, 2005.