Pictures of Wolfie

This is Wolfie, a special-needs Cambells' Dwarf Russian hamster we adopted in January 2003. His previous owner didn't know how to deal with him, as his behaviour was quite wild and he didn't appear to be able to be hand-tamed. This turned out to be because he has been blind and deaf since birth, and so is easily startled by any form of touch. He's settling in nicely now that he's better understood.

Wolfie passed away of old age on 16 April 2004.

Wolfie pokes his head out

This is Wolfie, poking his head out of a nice nesting box. It's too bad he's blind and therefore can't see the nice colours of the carnival crinkle paper Shannon gave him.

Beautiful dwarf

Wolfie's coat is beautiful and silky.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.