Pictures of Wally

This is Wally. He was born in August or September 2001 and passed away suddenly in his sleep on 20 July 2002. He is missed.

Fuzzy Wally.

A somewhat fuzzy photo of a very fuzzy Wally, perched on top of his food dish.

Wally looks out his window.

Wally, peering out through the window on the side of his travelling cage. These photos were taken at my parents' home; Zena, Wally, and Flapjack all made the trip.

Curious Wally.

Curious Wally.

Wally, stretching.

Wally, stretching. Here you can see the amazingly long, silky coat which was Wally's most distinguishing feature. His fur was twice as long as his body was wide!

Wally bathing.

Wally, bathing. When you weigh three ounces, and two of it is fur, you do a lot of bathing.

Wally wants out.

Wally, peering. "I want out. Hello?"

Wally wants to be held.

Wally, although slightly nervous, loved people. Here, he can't figure out why I was holding the camera instead of him.

Wally climbs out.

So out he comes …

Wally R.I.P.

Our beautiful baby boy. Rest in peace.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.