Preview of Moka and Latte

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Moka and Latte, Campbells' Dwarf Russian hamsters. One chews on a food block, while the other investigates the edibility of the wheel. Moka, trying to decide whether Shannon's hands would taste good. A close-up of Moka. Cambells' Dwarf Russian hamsters are tiny. Moka, peeking out. Latte, running for all she's worth. Moka (left) and Latte (right). Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Campbells' Dwarf Russian hamster babies. Another shot of the litters. Bindy as a baby hamster. The Great Cage Cleaning. Another shot of the Great Cage Cleaning in progress. And yet more … Moka on the food dish. Baby in the wheel. Baby Campbells' explores Shannon's hand. Latte gets a refill. Cookie or Buzz; not sure which. Bindy as a baby hamster. Playful baby Campbells' Dwarf Russian hamsters. Three of the babies, playing. More playtime for the pups. Scrumptious snacks to share. Apparently Cheeky likes lettuce. Moka, blurry, in July 2002. Moka climbs the camera. Moka with buggy eyes. Moka and Latte, together. Moka after surgery Moka, the one-eyed hamster Eight-legged hamster Latte with her Howard Hughes impression Moka, grooming. Moka eating a honey stick five times her weight.

Last updated February 17, 2005.