Pictures of Moka and Latte

These are Moka and Latte (and their babies). They were born in February 2001 and both had surprise litters about ten days after Shannon brought them home. Moka passed away peacefully in her sleep on 16 January 2003.

Apparently Cheeky likes lettuce.

Apparently Cheeky likes lettuce.

Moka, blurry, in July 2002.

This is a picture of Moka, taken in July 2002. She still lives with Latte.

Moka climbs the camera.

It's difficult to get them to hold still long enough to take the photo at times. Here, Moka tries to climb the camera.

Moka with buggy eyes.

Moka's eyes appear somewhat "buggy" lately. The vet thinks she might have high blood pressure. It doesn't seem to discomfort her at all. While I had the cage door open to take a shot of her, she quickly climbed up and was about to jump for it.
Update:In August 2002, Moka's left eye clouded and started causing her pain. The vet removed the eye on 9 August, and she seems to be doing fine now. She's a trooper.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.