Lola's Second Gallery

Lola recovered quickly from her spay surgery, and became an even better pet. Since I work from home, I get to see her a lot.

This is her second gallery of photographs.

Lola, investimagating

Lola investimagates her environment.

Applejack, on a leash, looks over a field of grass

In late May 2007, Shannon found someone was was trying to find a new home for one of her rabbits. Two had already been given away to other homes, but one was left. As he was already neutured, was used to having othe rabbits around (and was probably lonely), and we had been talking about getting a friend for Lola, we considered it somewhat fortuitous timing. We went and saw him to get an idea of his temperament, and eventually brought him home. This is Applejack, a 2-year-old neutered male "mutt".

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Last updated July 20, 2007.