Preview of Lily Wallenda

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Meet Lily Wallenda Lily, caged Lily, still caged Lily, cute in cage Lily, climbing cage Lily, getting a treat Lily explores the desk Lily in the ball, stuck Lily in the ball, curious Lily in hand Lily snuggles Lily moves a little too fast for this portait. I know I can chew through these bars. Hello?  Is there anyone out there? Lily plays prisoner Lily escapes Lily in a pocket Lily wants a treat Treat?  Where? Lily loves salad, too. More parsley! Lily sticks her tongue out Lily in jeans Fuzzy Lily Fly, Lily! Lily in a sweater Lily and chew toy Lily poses in her toy. Beep beep ba beep Lily eats a strawberry. Lily Awakens, Part 1 Lily Awakens, Part 2 Lily Awakens, Part 3 Lily Awakens, Part 4 Lily in a woven basket Lily, in her basket Lily, posing in door of cage Lily, posing on the spiral staircase

Last updated February 17, 2005.