Preview of rabbits in foster care

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Daphne, a mini-lop cross rabbit Pansy, a mini-lop cross rabbit Penelope, a mini-lop cross rabbit Horace, a mini-lop cross rabbit Humphrey, a mini-lop cross rabbit Two rabbits exploring, one sitting up Two rabbits, laying quietly Two rabbits, one with a big nose Rabbit reclining against wall Rabbit sitting in a corner Rabbit, ears out straight Rabbit, ears out straight Rabbit on lap Rabbit on carpet Squinting rabbit on carpet Rabbit lying down Rabbit, posing for camera Rabbit, lying on his side Rabbit held like a baby Rabbit held like a baby Three rabbits, shoulder to shoulder Rabbit inspects pants leg Rabbit chewing cardboard Rabbit sniffing carpet Rabbit sitting up Rabbit looks into camera Humphrey looking cute Humphrey == cute Humphrey on dais Humphrey, upside down. Tall Humphrey Humphrey in cage Humphrey looks at camera Humphrey chews cardboard box

Last updated February 23, 2006.