Pictures of rabbits in foster care

On 29 January, 2005, someone abandoned a number of pet rabbits in a farmyard in the Saskatoon area. The owner rounded up five of them (I do not know if there were more) and brought them to the SPCA, where Shannon and I and our friend Colette had just finished socializing all of the rabbits currently at the shelter. The shelter was full, and there was no room for the new rabbits.

The story doesn't end there, though. We agreed to take the five rabbits into foster care, and brought them home. They're beautiful, happy, playful Mini-Lop cross rabbits (maybe some English Spot in there), somewhere around nine months old. This is their story, so far …

Humphrey, upside down.

I wanted to see if he would still sit still and let himself be held this way. Guess what: he will. He's a very well-behaved rabbit.

Tall Humphrey

And finally, Humphrey stretched out tall.

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Last updated February 23, 2006.