Pictures of Flapjack

This is Flapjack, born in December 2001 and brought home on 2 February 2002.
Flapjack passed away after a brief illness on 2 December, 2004.

Flapjack, a rabbit, 2 months old.

Flapjack, as a baby, in his first visit away from home. Here, he eats a banana-rasin flavoured ferret treat from my father's hand.

Flapjack throws his ball.

Here our playful bunny is throwing his ball from his bed to the floor of his cage. He'll play with this ball for minutes at a time.

Devious Flapjack.

Even at this age (about two months) he looked slightly devious. He's now about twice this size, and twice as sneaky.

Here, Flapjack is about four months old.

Flapjack is about four months old in this and the following few pictures, taken at Easter, 2002.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.