Preview of Flapjack and Boomer, gallery 2

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Boomer on couch beside Charles Boomer on back of couch Cute Boomer, posing Boomer, caught in mid-turn Boomer, grooming his back Boomer lies down for a back-rub Boomer, tip-toeing Flapjack, posing in the door of his cardboard house Flapjack, lying down with a bit of salad in his cardboard house Flapjack, posing with tasty electrical cords under table Flapjack, about to hit his noggin on the chair Slightly tubby Flapjack, posing Flapjack in front of an expanse of floor Flapjack, playing in a cardboard box Flapjack lying down in his new cat tent Flapjack, sitting in his new cat tent Hypnotized Flapjack Rabbit in a trance

Last updated February 17, 2005.