Pictures Flapjack and Boomer, gallery 2

Flapjack and Boomer get a second joint gallery. These pictures were taken in September 2003. They still don't live together, but we're hopeful …
They never did live together. Flapjack passed away after a brief illness on 2 December, 2004.

Hypnotized Flapjack

Some rabbits can be "hypnotized", where you lay them on their backs and rub their stomach and they go into a trance-like state. We tried this with Flapjack early on, but were never successful.

Rabbit in a trance

Shannon, though, happened to try again recently, and for some reason, Flapjack is now fairly easily hypnotized. This is what a limp-noodle tranced bunny looks like.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.