Preview of Flapjack and Boomer

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These first pictures were taken 15 December 2002.  Here, a slightly unhappy-looking Boomer poses in the <em>latest</em> Paris fashion.  Just in time for the holidays, too! Ever try to construct a fashion runway for a rabbit?  This is a <em>much</em> easier way to display the latest fashion for your furry friends. It was Flapjack's birthday, so Shannon bought party hats&hellip; Ever sing Happy Birthday to a rabbit? Flapjack naps under the Christmas tree. Flapjack, grooming himself for presents (ba-dump). Socializing two rabbits. Two rabbits share a salad. Boomer on alert. Flapjack does his beagle impression. Good thing rabbits can't get seasick Relaxing under the coffee table Boomer, alert. Snuggling Boomer Bunny Love I'm the king of the castle Rabbit, loitering within tent Naughty Flapjack Flapjack and tent Blurry bunny. Bunny booties. Boomer eating a carrot. Bunny booties part two. Bunny booties part three. Rabbits together. Rabbits, slightly nervous. Rabbits, slightly nervous part two. Flapjack grooming Boomer. Flapjack, ears straight up. Rabbit friends. Friends, continued. Friends, continued. The End.

Last updated February 17, 2005.