Pictures of Flapjack and Boomer

Flapjack and Boomer get a joint gallery. These pictures were taken on 15 December 2002. They don't live together yet, but Boomer is now fixed, so we're hoping to have them together in January sometime.
They never did live together. Flapjack passed away after a brief illness on 2 December, 2004.

Flapjack and tent

On the prowl…

Blurry bunny.

Quick-moving Boomer imitates a blur for the camera.

Bunny booties.

Boomer, posed in a pair of homemade boots that Shannon knit. She can whip off a pair of these in an hour, and frequently does. These are actually a pair that didn't quite turn out the right size for a baby shower, so she made another pair for the baby and gave these to the rabbits.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.