Pictures of Cheeky and Rocco

These are Cheeky and Rocco, sons of Moka and Latte. They were born born in April (?) 2001. Rocco passed away of natual causes on 15 March 2003. Cheeky passed away of extreme old age on 31 October, 2003.

Cheeky arises from his nap.

A blurry picture of Cheeky as he arises from a nap under his wheel. Cheeky and Rocco are two boys from Moka and Latte's litters -- compare with when the babies were only three weeks old! The two boys live together happily and peacefully. It's quite nice to still have three of the babies around -- Niblet, a girl, is the other.

Cheeky has a bath.

Cheeky, having a bath beside the Snack-n-Nap Cafe. Note his left hind leg sticking above his head; this is considered good hamster technique.

Rocco comes out.

I took Rocco out of their cage for a couple of quick snapshots.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.