Applejack and Lola's First Joint Gallery

Lola is now approximately one year old. At the end of May 2007, we adopted Applejack from a young woman who was trying to find new homes for her three rabbits -- Applejack was the last to go. Applejack is about two years old, and the two are now thoroughly bonded.

They're both neutered and fully housetrained. Bonding the two bunnies took us about ten days of hard effort -- but we were successful this time, unlike with Flapjack and Boomer.

This is their first full join gallery of photographs.

Applejack and Lola snuggling by the hearth

Here, Applejack and Lola snuggle by the hearth -- Lola's always liked the brickwork.

Lola tries to get Applejack to groom her

Unlike most bonded rabbits, there doesn't appear to be a clear "leader". They seem to take turns being in charge. Here, Lola is trying to get Applejack to groom her -- the dominant rabbit gets groomed by the submissive one.

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Last updated August 2, 2007.