Preview of Pre-Purchase House Photos

The following are smaller versions of the photos on these pages, presented on a single page for the benefit of those with slower internet connections.

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This is the front of the house. More front of house. Back of the house. The backyard. Another view of the backyard from the kitchen. Main entryway. From the livingroom. Up the stairs... Upstairs hall. Upstairs hall, again. Second bedroom. Second bedroom, again. Third bedroom. Third bedroom, again. Master bedroom. Master bedroom, again. Upstairs bath. Upstairs bath, again. Living room. Living room, again. Living room, yet again. Yet more living room. The kitchen. The kitchen, again. Kitchen, yet again. Still more kitchen. Eating nook. Basement. Basement again. Basement bedroom. Basement bath. Office. Furnace room.

Last updated February 17, 2005.