Pictures of our House

In 2001, I'd been living in an apartment in the City Park area of Saskatoon for three years, and decided to look for a house. I took these pictures while looking at a house in April 2001. I purchased the house in April, took possession on 15 July 2001, and have been living in it happily ever since. Hopefully I will get some newer pictures up here to show the changes that have happened since.

The house was built in 1926, and is 1132 ft2 (approximately 105 m2).

Living room.

The main living room. The two windows look out the front of the house, onto the porch. This is from just inside the main door.

Living room, again.

This view is from the landing on the stairway. The window on the left is just beside the main door, out into the enclosed part of the porch.

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Last updated February 17, 2005.