Preview of Garden 2003

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Hostas thriving in the shade. Ostrich ferns towering over the coleus. Beautiful yellow daylilies. A yellow Calla Lily. Big begonias, or something.  Shannon will correct me.  Update:  they're "tuberous begonias", apparently. Greenery early in June, before most of the flowers bloom. Beautiful Columbine blooms. Beautiful Columbine blooms. Beautiful Columbine bloom in front of the greenery left over from the daylilies, which have mostly finished blooming at this point. Flowers and herbs beside the front step. Sedum, phlox, delphinium, and daylilies. The last of the daylilies, and various other plants visible. Marigolds. Marigolds, apparently.  I can never remember the names of these. Tiger Lilies. A riot of greenery. A selection of plants along the front of the house. Herbs growing like mad.  The peppermint in particular is doing well. Summer savoury and greek oregano competing. Sage, cilantro, and summer savoury in a box planter.  The cilantro is doing extremely well. Standard sweet basil.  I had no idea it would grow as tall as this. Two-level herb pot.  The top contains peppermint; the lower level is mostly various types of basil. The herb pot in all its glory.  The bushy growth in the lower left is a single basil plant, Greek Bush basil I think. Closeup of the Greek Bush basil. Closeup of the Vietnamese Coriander. Colorful coleus under the ferns. Beautiful tiger lilies. A tiger lily bloom. Delphinium. Close up of delphinium blooms. Carpathian harebell blooms. Closeup of carpathian harebell. Delphinium, carpathian harebell, blue fescue, and daylily greenery. Beautiful pansies in a variety of colours. Beautiful pansies in the front windowboxes. Beautiful pansies in the front windowboxes, part two. Beautiful pansies in the front windowboxes, part three. Beautiful pansies in the front windowboxes, part four. Beautiful pansies in the front windowboxes, part five. The honeysuckle vine starts to bloom. More honeysuckle blooms. The portulaca is starting to grow and bloom.  It will fill out as the hot weather arrives. Portulaca, continued. Portulaca, continued. Impatiens.  They're pretty, planted beside a coleus. Now in early July, the Delphinium is in full bloom. Delphinium blooms amidst the leftover greenery of the daylilies, which have finished blooming for the year. Shannon's gorgeous fuschia plant in a surprising second bloom.  We thought it was done, but it suddenly came back. A closeup of fuschia blossoms. Shannon's Gerber Daisy, starting to bloom. The hollyhocks are preparing to blossom. Hollyhocks trying to keep up with the scarlet runner beans planted on each side of them. Open blossoms on the honeysuckle. More honeysuckle blossoms. As the weather heats up in early July, the Portulaca starts taking off.  It will soon fill this window-box to overflowing. Rubin Basil, one of the more interesting-looking herbs due to its purple foliage, has finally started to grow in the heat.  This basil smells slightly more exotic than sweet basil. The scarlet runner beans are just starting to flower.  They will soon send up hundreds of these tiny red-pink blossoms.

Last updated February 17, 2005.